New Btc-e directions are available for you!


Dear F1EX clients,

We are pleased to announce that the F1EX armory of currencies just got two more trophies: BTC-e USD has been joined by BTC-e EUR and BTC-e RUB. From this point forward, all of the BTC-e exchange’s primary currencies can be exchanged with the help of our service. Moreover, can be exchanged on favorable terms and within the shortest possible time frame, which is important.

In the first month of 2017 we’ve made a lot of progress. And this is just the beginning! We are not going to stop, this is why you’ll see a lot more F1EX news in the nearest future. We’re going to add new currencies, introduce new special offers and generous discounts.

We’d like to thank our clients for using F1EX, because they have been the inspiration that is so much needed for us to grow and further improve our service.


F1EX team

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